Have you ever been in love? Was it that your eyes met across a crowded room, or that butterflies were felt in your stomach, or the anxiety and excitement that led up to a blind date? Perhaps it was the tingling sensation you felt from head to toe, the need and longing for someone, the desire you felt, the touch and intimacy between you both, the emotional highs and lows, the chemistry, or the connection. This connection is often hard to put into words, but you can feel it. A bond with another person you may not completely understand or appreciate, but you cannot imagine not being together. This feeling of love through connection is a mystery that cannot easily be defined.

In my new series Two Lovers, I seek to express this connection of love through layers of paint. Two Lovers shows a relationship between a man and a woman. The series comes in pairs, but each painting can stand alone. Each can act as an individual. Each pair has a title that connects them together. Although they are different on the surface, there is something that draws you into them as a connected pair. They are each other’s soul mate. In their own right, separately they are beautiful and independent, but together they are much stronger, more complimentary, and complete.


                                             - Trang T. Le  Contemporary Artist


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