"A calm presence is felt upon viewing the paintings of Trang T. Lê. Her ethereal compositions impart the quiet essence of nature in a visual language of contemplation. For Lê, this meditative state reveals a healing source of life. For viewers, it’s a pause for reflection. Her methodology suggests nuances of Post-Impressionist, Expressionist, and Minimalist genres calling to mind the metaphysical auras of Rothko and aesthetic subtleties of Agnes Martin. Yet, Lê’s approach is uniquely her own." - Jill Thayer, artist, educator, and curatorial archivist

"Lê’s paintings have the optical illusion of Monet’s mural-size paintings of Water Lilies, which surface magically as the viewer steps away from the canvas. At the same time, 102477 embodies the energy and movement of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, populated by dynamic swirling brushstrokes. Up close, the viewer can’t help but focus on each swirl, yet at a distance one is engulfed in the magnitude of the piece. In this installation, Lê eloquently conveys the simultaneity of the microcosm and the macrocosm."

-Anna Meliksetain, Editor at Art Ltd.


"She paints her way through her pain, using a meticulous, repetitive approach to heal her wounds." 

- Meher McArthur,  freelance Asian art historian, author and educator based in Los Angeles.


"I have followed Trang Le's work for the past several years, and have been engaged and impressed by both its basic premises and its evolution over this period."

- Peter Frank, Associate Editor at Fabrik Magazine

"We at the HB Art Center have been priviledged to exhibit Tran's work over many years. She has generously donated her paintings for our fundraising art auction and has truly been a sincere friend to the Art Center. She is a pleasure to work with and establishes strong and positive relationships with her collectors."

- Kate Hoffman, Executive Director of Huntington Beach Art Center

"Trang is an excellent self motivated artist whose work is thought provoking, sensitive, but with a lot of guts. She is open to critical conversation about her work and eager to progress her practice in a life affirming manner. Trang is worth following and supporting."  - Chuck Feesago, Adjunct Faculty at University Of La Verne

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