Looking back through the history of humanity’s conflicts to the present day, I once again look up at the night sky wishing the world to be a better place. The reawakening of my childhood past and my memories as a child without a voice has led me to paint Mesopotamia with the desperation of wanting to heal the wounds of all sufferers, including myself.

Prior to this project, I discovered that painting repetitive spiral circles with a small brush brought internal calm and peace. However, the immense difficulty of the topic (war), this time in Iraq, was magnified by the personal resonance of its horrifying effects of my own childhood experiences.

The peace and calm that I had previously found in painting was challenged as it led me to struggle emotionally with the lingering impact of war in my own psyche.  Ultimately, the process of painting 102477 over the period of three years helped me to persevere the enduring agony and allow healing to begin. 

In the end, the painting emerged like a star lit sky where the sky and water become one. From that healing point, I then painted the Desert Horizon in the day time heat, the Willow Tree which is rarely found in the desert land, the beautiful growth and rain surround Mesopotamia Rivers - the place identified as the cradle of civilization with its long history of the rise and fall of many empires.

Today the land is still in turmoil, and my wish for Mesopotamia is to find peace and love, to allow everyone to heal.      

                                                  - Trang T. Le   





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