​The leaves changing colors with the passing seasons; the snail making its way across the sidewalk after the rain; the sounds of raindrops pitter-patter against the surface; and the stains they leave on the windowpanes...

Such marks of nature each carry a unique spiritual mood that awakens their environment.  Even drops of rain left behind become memories of that special particular place and time.  To revisit that mood is to reminisce details of one special moment in time.

My work takes the viewer back to these moments.  Forms and colors on my paintings reflect the constant search for the essence of mood, the spirit in nature and physical surroundings.  Often embracing life in the moment, I rely on these moments for colorful memories that I then re-create on canvas.

These moments are often as simple as listening to the sounds of raindrops, looking out the window at the early morning dew, or watching the horizon where the water meets the sky.  --Trang T. Le                      



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