In Transition

I am in this phase where there is a huge drastic change in my life.  My paintings depict this experience as they are the integral part to my subconscious and conscious thoughts and emotions.  It is at this moment in time I parted my past to rebuild my own path.  Through this path, it is scary with the uncertainties but there is a great gratification of joy from strength.  I find myself painting and rubbing paint on and off from one layer to another as the physical and mental parts of me going through the struggles of this transitional period.  But when I keep on building up paint one layer after another, making changes, I am working toward something better.   Through this transitional time, there are moments of feeling calm, secure. There are moments of being in the dark and light, but painting the line of threads make me feel balance and secure.  All of these moments are beautiful because they are all parts of living and experiencing life.

                                                           Trang T. Lê


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